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Specialty Projects

Our Specialty Projects division covers small updates to modest changes in your home. For example, the reconfiguration of a Center Island, or perhaps the redesign and rebuild of your back entry. 

Sometimes, a simple change in the scenery is all we need to feel right-as-rain. How many times have you brushed against the edge of a counter and wished the island was just a few inches to the left? Or, came into the back-entry only to stumble over a collection of shoes, backpacks, and other items simply because there is no logical storage space for the items? Or perhaps wondered if a more natural light could be let into the room with the addition of a new window or two?

Not every remodel or renovation requires a complete change of a space. Sometimes, a little change can bring about significant differences. 

Revision’s Specialty Projects division was created specifically for these smaller, yet important, changes you wish to have made in your home. The same craftspeople, same designers, same knowledgeable people. The same Revision results.  

Stonewood, LLC Handcrafted Custom Homes

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The process begins with a simple conversation. Let us know how you would like to connect. 

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Revision, LLC, located in Wayzata, and all the members of our team look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and discussing your remodel or renovation plans and aspirations. We offer several ways to connect with us, please visit our Contact Page to begin your new renovation journey with Revision, LLC. 

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Revision, LLC is the Renovation and Remodeling division of Stonewood. A team focused on additions, and whole home remodels. Same great philosophies, experience, and processes with the focus on updating your existing spaces.


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