Stonewood, LLC Handcrafted Custom Homes

Whole-Home Remodels and Renovations

Whole-Home is not quite literal, but close. These projects encompass significant structural and design changes throughout the home. Some of the existing structures may remain, maybe not.

“The home has good bones” may be an expression you have heard a time or two before. In the world of home remodeling, the truth is, sometimes there is just not enough room, enough integrity, enough continuity to simply do an update — good bones or otherwise.

Using the well-established relationships we have with trades, designers, and architects, our team provides you the tools necessary to make informed decisions while leveraging your existing home’s assets. A whole-home remodel or renovation requires excellent attention to detail – start to finish. From roof lines to sightlines, Revision’s whole-home remodel process is meticulously designed to ensure every stage of the project progresses as smoothly as possible.

There is a significant difference between home renovation and home remodeling. With years of experience to pull from, we will listen to your needs and wants, examine the possibilities, and honestly show you all the options. Regardless the direction we decide to take, Revision will get you where you want to be in your home.

Stonewood, LLC Handcrafted Custom Homes
Stonewood, LLC Handcrafted Custom Homes

Kitchens, Lower-Levels, Baths, & Beyond

Is there a disconnect in your home? Dated kitchen? A less than open feeling within the space? Perhaps you are ready to complete an unfinished portion or add on to the existing.  

Revision’s award-winning teams are adept at breathing new life into existing spaces. Our Remodeling and Renovation processes begin by gaining a firm understanding of what needs to change within your home and the reasons why. Some common examples are:

  • A change in family size – new-additions to empty-nesters
  • Functionality – modernization of kitchens, taking advantage of current technology, materials, and finishes, are often driving forces
  • Wear and Tear – like everything, homes do become tired and need repair and upkeep
  • Form – our stylistic appreciations can change over time. Bringing your home to your current vision is a specialty of ours

The reasons can go on and on. During our initial consultation, we will learn and understand the motivations behind the changes that you would like to make. We will take a holistic approach and discuss all the things that may or may not have crossed your mind. For example, cohesiveness: How will this freshly remodeled kitchen connect to the rest of the home? Are future updates on the horizon? What will bring everything together so that your new remodeling project feels part of the rest of the home you already love. 

Stonewood, LLC Handcrafted Custom Homes

Remodeling and Renovations…

The process begins with a simple conversation. Let us know how you would like to connect. 

Revision, LLC – Your Remodel and Renovation Experts

Revision, LLC, located in Wayzata, and all the members of our team look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and discussing your remodel or renovation plans and aspirations. We offer several ways to connect with us, please visit our Contact Page to begin your new renovation journey with Revision, LLC. 

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