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Our History

With company roots going back to 1920, Revision recreates spaces for our clients knowing that we are renovating a home, not just a house.

From your initial consultation with Revision, Stonewood’s long and rich history can be readily identified. Revision is, after all, the Remodeling and Renovation sibling to Stonewood. Under the management of John Daly, Revision has become the premier boutique remodeler in the Twin Cities Metro area specializing in large, high-end Remodels and Renovations. Our team of professional project managers has vast experience in the industry and is trained to build according to the highest standards as defined by Revision and Stonewood.

Revision’s well-established team works closely with our clients from the initial consultation throughout the entire process. Sven Gustafson, the founder of Revision, grew up the son of a home builder, learning all aspects of building quality homes from the bottom up. “I always thought of my father as an artist, on a large scale & knew that I wanted to follow in his footsteps as I developed my company.” Sven has passed these ideas and philosophies down to all members of both the Stonewood and Revision teams. 

Our team’s vision and experience reawaken existing spaces to complement your home. Our craftsmen bring your dreams to reality, and our unique process makes it all happen as smoothly as possible. 


Revision Home Renovation and Remodeling
Stonewood, LLC Team

Our Team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

John Daly
John DalyVice President
With an education background in Economics and Business and years of experience in Construction Project Mgmt., John works with all of Revision’s clients from the inception of their project. He has led Revision to its 9th year in the renovation business and has been recognized as 40 Under 40 by the National Remodelers Association. For fun, John enjoys skiing, biking, and spending time with his family.
Sven Gustafson
Sven GustafsonPresident/CEO
Founder and CEO of Stonewood LLC & Revision LLC, Sven grew up the son of a home builder, learning the aspects of fine homebuilding from the bottom up. Together, John and Sven share an unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and integrity. Words synonymous with Revision. In his free time, Sven enjoys skiing, boating, and spending time with his wife and three kids.
Kevin S.
Kevin S. Vice President of Operations
As a 28 year veteran of construction and residential remodeling, Kevin brings an immense amount of knowledge to the team. His experience in carpentry, estimating, purchasing, drafting, and general management is highly valued at Revision. He’s a family man passionate about the outdoors and thoroughly enjoys living in the Lake Minnetonka area among neighbors who are clients and friends.
Andy B.
Andy B.Production Manager
Andy is a production manager with more than 20 years of experience working as a custom home builder. He streamlines communication between the client, designer, and artisans while balancing building codes, construction documents, budgets, and schedules. Andy makes sure that every phase of the project is executed with the best interest in mind and utilizes his building knowledge and skills to ensure a successful project!

Outside of work, Andy is busy chasing around his four children. A trained jazz drummer, he hopes to get back to playing a few gigs in his spare time!

Gunnhild D.
Gunnhild D.Controller
Gunnhild is new to the Custom Home Industry, but has ample experience in accounting, finance and HR. She is excited to be part of a company where craftmanship, client, and employee have such a high value.

Outside of work, Gunnhild enjoys the outdoors with skiing, biking, playing pickle ball and gardening to name a few. Being from Norway, she is always ready to climb a mountain top; she just wishes there were more of those here in Minnesota!
She lives with her husband and their big black lab, and enjoys making food and baked goods when company and family comes over. She also is an avid knitter and is very comfortable playing piano.

Christine M.
Christine M.Accounting
Although Christine is relatively new to the Custom Home Industry, she has several years of experience in complementary roles including accounting, planning and zoning and office management. Christine is very detail orientated, organized and is up for any challenge!

When not working Christine enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is enjoying her new role as “grandma” to her two new granddaughters; loves tending to her flower garden, searching for and repurposing rustic treasures and baking. Christine is also active in her community, volunteering when she gets the opportunity.

Christine is honored and excited to be a member of the Revision Team and looks forward to years of helping the company grow and prosper.

Eric W.
Eric W.Project Management
Eric has worked in the construction industry for as long as he can remember, beginning as a laborer in his father’s company on building sites. Moving on to carpentry and estimating with an education in architectural drafting, he has over 30 years of experience in many construction disciplines. After years as a marketing rep in the wholesale lumber industry, Eric is happy to be back in the project manager role as he enjoys overseeing every facet of the building and remodeling process. From start to finish he works closely with the homeowner to build trust and confidence, resulting in satisfied clients and beautiful homes.

When he isn’t working on a project for Revision, Eric is probably finishing a project at his own home, traveling with his wife Kathy, or spending time with family and friends. An avid nature photographer, he sits on the board of the Arboretum’s Photographers Society and has placed several times in their annual juried photo contest.

Chris T.
Chris T.Project Management
Chris has been in the construction industry for 27 years. He started in his training while attending trade school where he studied general construction and furniture and cabinet making. He had great success with his own construction company for 25 years, before coming to Revision. His extensive experience with every aspect of residential construction and remodeling is a great fit for our vision.

He and his wife are avid motorcyclists and enjoy the outdoors. This year he and his wife have decided to start off-road trail riding.

Adam E.
Adam E.Project Management
Adam joins Revision with nine years of industry experience in commercial and residential construction. Adam graduated from St. Cloud State University in May 2017 with a degree in Construction Management. While pursuing his degree, he worked as a laborer for a residential remodeler. He has also spent a few years working for a flooring contractor and building wind turbines for an energy company in a traveling role. Today he is excited to be back managing all phases of home construction. “I have always known I wanted to be in residential building/remodeling.”

Outside of work, you will find Adam spending time with his wife and kids and taking part in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, biking, and hunting.

Alain V.
Alain V.Project Management
Originally from Brussels, Belgium, Alain recently came to Minnesota by way of Wyoming and San Francisco, which he called home for over 12 years.
Alain’s passion for construction and architecture started at an early age when he would visit boat and RV shows with his father to study how one could design and live in a constrained space.

He studied interior design in Brussels and, since moving to the US, has worked both freelance and for a high-end residential construction company in San Francisco for the past six years as a senior project manager.

In his free time, Alain loves working on personal house projects, hiking, biking, discovering new restaurants with his wife, and building Lego sets with his two children, Leo and Alice.

Scott P.
Scott P.Service Management
Although Scott was formerly in sales and marketing in the commercial roofing and ski/snow industry, he has many years of construction and woodworking experience. He brings his skills to the team by wearing many hats in his role with Revision; field service, material getter, helper, and picker-upper for all of the Revision Project Managers. Outside of work, you can usually find Scott on the slopes or spending time with friends and family.
Revision Remodeling and Renovations

Our Process

Here at Revision, LLC we’ve built our processes around simplicity, transparency, and common sense.

We price our Remodels and Renovations on a cost-plus fee basis, fully disclosed to our clients. We competitively bid every aspect of our projects with time-tested contractors that have proven their quality and expertise. Many have worked for us for nearly 30 years. We operate on a fully open book basis – all bids and invoices are open to client review. We bill monthly, only for work done, materials delivered & invoiced to us. We don’t take large deposits. We’re paid as work is completed. We manage payments & lien releases through a 3rd party title company. Your payments are disbursed directly to those that have invoiced and done the work.

We employ a forward-thinking application of technology – we’ve developed an online system that allows every member of the team to access project information, 24-7. Plans, specifications, budget, finish selections, change orders, schedule, and all project communication are accessible to the entire team at any time.

We don’t ask our clients to sign a construction contract until we have a final home design, material selections, and a budget that meets our client’s expectations.

John works with all of Revision’s clients from the inception of their project – assisting in architect interviews, aiding in the selection of a building site, and overseeing the project throughout construction.

Revision Remodeling and Renovations

Stages of Success

We have refined and defined our processes, and continue to scrutinize every step we take, every day. 

Stages of Success

We have refined and defined our processes, and continue to scrutinize every step we take, every day. 

1:Selection of an Architect


We assist our clients in interviewing several local architects that we feel are the best in the business. While we’ll work with whoever you feel is the best fit for your project, there are several architects with whom we’ve developed trust & strong relationships. We’ll help you interview architects to determine who is the best fit for your project. John is involved in the interviews with architects and in all design meetings to help keep your project on track and on budget.

We’ve found that the selection of the architect generally comes down to three factors:

  • Design aesthetic/portfolio of past projects. While the architects we recommend are able to conform to any particular architectural style, it’ll be clear after looking at their portfolio that they have a passion & skill within a specific field.
  • Fee structure – fees range from the scope of work that is expected from the designer.
  • The architect’s rapport/personality. Clients often comment that the chosen architect “seemed to get it” or “understood how we live.”

 Once the architect is selected, our clients contract directly with the architect – keeping you in control of the process and in ownership of the work that is done.

2:Design Development

Once the design is underway we’ll meet every couple of weeks to review and discuss the design of your home. Typically, the design will take 3-4 months but this process can be drawn out over as many months as you have available. We encourage our clients to begin design early and spend plenty of time in between design meetings to consider the concepts – to “live in the design”.


Contemporary, cottage, craftsman, French provincial – these terms may mean different things to you than to your architect. The best way to communicate is with photographs. We encourage you to create a collection of photos that appeal to you. Organize it by room – exterior, kitchen, master bathroom, etc… The more prepared and organized you are, the better your architect will understand your goals for your new home. Create a wishlist, room by room. Include features, your plans for using the room, special pieces of furniture you intend to bring, and anything else that will help the team understand your vision.


These hand-drawn, artistic translations are fun to look at and even more, fun to play with. They capture the initial statement of a lifestyle quickly and inexpensively. Every architect has their own process, but most will present hand-drawn, loose concepts at the first design review.


At this early stage, it’s too early to solicit actual bids from subcontractors. Instead, we’ll target the budget by identifying an expected cost per square foot. We’ll determine this cost based on our experience and our conversations regarding your home’s amenities, finishes & features.


After perfecting the conceptual design, the architect will proceed with CAD drawings. The design will proceed to a set of drawings that can be bid by subcontractors – the ‘bid set’. Once we reach this point, we’ll pause the design process to prepare a formal budget to make sure we’re on track with your budget expectations.

3: Interior Design & Detailing
Stonewood, LLC Handcrafted Custom Homes

At this level, the concept sketches go to a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system in the next step toward final, refined construction blueprints. We also draw a front elevation to see how the home will look on the exterior, as well as a floor plan for each floor.


While most builders wait for final plans, we have subcontractors review plans early on in the process to provide an early opinion. It gives mechanics and carpenters an early look at the feasibility of the design to identify challenges or better ways to achieve the desired results.


We competitively bid every aspect of the budget. We enlist the best contractors available, competing against peers. Bidding keeps them on track and competitive. We take our fiduciary responsibility for our clients’ funds very seriously and ensure the entire project is cost-effective.


The Selection/Design Process is a detailed yet fun time during the home building experience. Our clients begin working with the Interior Design team immediately following the budget review. Selections include interior and exterior materials and finishes, lighting, furniture, window coverings, paint colors, and more. There are so many elements that go into our homes and we pride ourselves on working with designers that can successfully manage the process while also making it fun for our clients!

4: Budget Review
Stonewood, LLC Handcrafted Custom Homes


Revision, LLC is known for exceptionally detailed specifications and budgets. Once we’ve developed the Bid Set of drawings, we’ll develop specifications for the project – a description of the finishing of the home that is not yet included in the drawings. We’ll compile the drawings and the specifications to solicit competitive bids for every aspect of your project. With preliminary bids returned from contractors, our clients have an early look at real pricing and can go forward confident about the cost of the project. At this stage of design, we’re able to make changes to the design without significant expense. Once we’ve refined the preliminary budget, the architect will begin the working drawings. This stage of design typically takes 1-3 months, depending on the size and design of the home. While this final design work is being done, we’ll work on interior design and materials selections. Once the working drawings are complete and your selections have been finalized, we’ll repeat the budgeting process. The final budget will be based upon your final plans & selections. Our final budget will largely be composed of firm bids – all from competitive bidders. Stonewood is known for our comprehensive budgeting & accuracy. Our competitive process delivers a lower cost per square foot than our competitors and can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients.

5: Construction Management
Stonewood, LLC Handcrafted Custom Homes

Throughout the project, we oversee the quality assurance of your home every step of the way. Our project managers pride themselves on keeping an open line of communication throughout the process with not only subcontractors but also the homeowners, keeping them informed and answering any questions that may arise.


Well-developed building practices are only the first step in building a quality home. No matter how well a project is managed, things can slip through the cracks. To minimize this, we performance test all of our homes throughout construction to verify that procedures have been followed and the details have been attended to.


The project manager will perform several walkthroughs prior to occupancy marking concerns that need to be addressed prior to moving in- we call this the “Punch List”. A final walkthrough is then conducted with the clients to make sure the home is as close to perfect as man and nature can provide. We follow this with a white glove cleaning before we welcome you into your new home.


As a new home settles over the first year, along with daily use of fixtures and finishes, concerns can arise. We provide our clients with extensive warranty coverage on the workmanship and material quality. To ensure the quality of your new home, we will provide a thorough inspection at 1 year, addressing any issues our clients may have.

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Revision, LLC, located in Wayzata, and all the members of our team look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and discussing your remodel or renovation plans and aspirations. We offer several ways to connect with us, please visit our Contact Page to begin your new renovation journey with Revision, LLC. 

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