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   It is not just a Donation. It is an investment in a family’s future.  ~ J. Sven Gustafson


We are resolved to change the lives of families.

Our mission is to provide homes for those in need while creating an opportunity for peace, serenity, and eternity for families.

Through providing a home, we provide better sanitation, physical and emotional safety, and the opportunity for families to escape the cycle of poverty.

The 141 Project is a non-profit (under the Cherry Avenue Foundation) that funds the construction of housing for the poor and oppressed in impoverished countries. By providing homes, we are working to preserve families, provide a healthy environment & create safe places for children.

Our board of directors is comprised of home builders, remodelers, and others with a connection to the housing industry in the US. We are working to mobilize those in the housing industry to donate a home for every home they build or remodel. We’ve been blessed with a roof over our heads. We believe that we can help pay it forward and provide housing for families in need around the world.


A home is central to a family’s ability to care for their children physically and spiritually

1.We start local.

We partner with missionaries on the ground in the locations in which we build.  Local pastors and missionaries select families that are in the most critical need.  They verify that the land that we’re building on is properly titled, and owned by those we’re building for. 

2.We provide jobs.

We hire local masons, carpenters, and builders to oversee and build the homes.  Very often the selected family currently lives on the property.  The existing home might be a makeshift shelter of found boards, reclaimed posts, baling wire, corrugated metal for the roof, dirt floor.  No protection from the elements, thieves, dogs, insects…. 

3.We’re builders at heart.

During construction, it’s common for the recipient families to join the efforts and assist with the construction.  As they are living on the property, they are there throughout the day regardless.  Our missionaries get to know them & have the opportunity to share the gospel with them as the home is built. 

We invite you to learn more by visiting the141.org

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