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A Home Remodel

Breathtaking from every angle

Home Remodel

This whole-home remodel in Medina, MN is features stunning finishes throughout as well as a indoor basketball court and outdoor swimming pool. No detail was missed from roof-lines to landscaping.

The basketball court is overlooked by a personal fitness are.

Home Remodel by Revision, LLC


The outdoor-kitchen complete with smoker, grill, ventilation, mini-fridge, bar-top seating area, and more.

Home Remodel by Revision, LLC


The landscaping showcases the swimming pool and lower-level seating area.

Home Remodel by Revision, LLC

Moving on to the master-bath, the claw-foot tub looks out a large window. Adjacent to the tub, a masterfully tiled shower.

Home Remodel by Revision, LLC

Let’s finish with a look into this gorgeous kitchen and dining area. We will let the photos speak for themselves.

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Whole-Home Remodel: Lake Minnetonka Charm

Whole-Home Remodel

On the Lake with Plenty of Views

Whole-Home Remodel by Revision, LLC

This beautiful home, completed Summer of 2020, is a perfect example of a whole-home remodel and Revision’s attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.

Of the many assets this home possessed, expanding the current view of the lake was vitally important to the homeowner. Additionally, maintaining a sense of inviting-comfort was going to be key to a successful remodel. Revision brought all of this and much to this completed whole-home remodel. Let’s start with the kitchen…

Initially, the kitchen was set further into the home, sharing a wall with the garage. Revision moved the kitchen ten feet into the living space. Now, the kitchen area is part of the main living space and has unobstructed views of Lake Minnetonka. As you look at the images, keep in mind that the dining, living, and gathering room individual rooms, and sunken – before the whole-home remodel. Revision opened up the entire main-floor by adding metal beams for support, removing walls, and raising the sunken areas so that everything was on the same plane.

Whole-Home Remodel by Revision, LLC-1036 Whole-Home Remodel by Revision, LLC-1034 Whole-Home Remodel by Revision, LLC-1032

Moving the kitchen into the living space opened up many possibilities for the now vacant area next to the garage.  Revision created a well-placed mudroom and laundry area, plenty of storage, a small office center, and a powder room – as seen in the following images.

Whole-Home Remodel by Revision, LLC-1007 Whole-Home Remodel by Revision, LLC-1008

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Thinking of a Whole-Home Remodel?

Or perhaps an addition? Kitchen Face-lift? We would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us on our contact page or send us a message below.

Revision Round Up – Kitchens

As we start new projects and wrap up current projects, we are reflecting back on past work with one common theme – kitchens! Most of our remodels include our clients kitchen…it is the heart of the home after all and most clients include their kitchen in the scope of our work. So, with that, we thought we would look back at some of our favorite kitchens from past projects!

Ferndale Lakehome

A project we wrapped up in 2018 that we absolutely loved – with amazing views of Lake Minnetonka from the kitchen, who wouldn’t want to cook in here?!

Creek Valley Vista

A fresh white kitchen in Edina, we enjoyed expanding these clients space and making the kitchen a place they enjoy! We think it looks stunning.

Urban Coastal Cottage

This was such a fun project for us! Not only were the clients super fun to work with, it was a simple project with lots of white paint that gave this outdated kitchen an instant refresh! It’s amazing what white paint, new plumbing and electrical fixtures can do to a space.

France Ave Fixer

A fun alternative to an all white kitchen, we love the gray perimeter cabinetry with the white island! Even more fun is the special place for these clients’ furry friend dining space!

Country Club Reno

We get asked about this project a lot! Those pendants are eye-catching and the kitchen is bright and elegant with so much character.

Clay Cliffe Lakehouse

One of our more recent completions, this kitchen is absolutely stunning. The honed marble countertops paired with the soft warm wood flooring, two toned cabinetry and fun backsplash creates a luxury living look in a casual, livable home.

One design trend that is worth pointing out; white cabinetry! It is very much a trend we are still seeing in upcoming projects and we think it is such a classic selection.

Thanks for following along, we can’t wait to show off more kitchens as we complete them this year!

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2 Days Away from Luxury Remodeling Tour!

We are only 2 days away from the Midwest Home Luxury Remodeling Tour! Come check out our Whole-House Renovation in Edina. The below “Before” and “After” pictures give you a quick glimpse of the drastic renovation that was done on this house.

Come see the remodel in person this Saturday and Sunday.

     1. Before Front of Homeediwhole10

      14. Progress Back View with Windows15. After Back View

5608 Kellogg Place, Edina MN, 55424